About Us

The origins of the company date back to year 1983. At that time we launched first twister to produce wire rope strands. In 1986 we had a few stranding machines built by ourselves, which worked in garages at Grzybowska 47 street in Warsaw. As a private company in socialist economy we could not develop further.

The year 1989 gave impetus to the development. In the 90's a new production facility and warehouse was built near Warsaw. We opened a shop and an office in Warsaw at Grzybowska 16/22 street.

For thirty years we have built from scratch a company which daily distributes many tons of cargo and has regular customers in over a dozen European countries.

In May, 2014 we moved to a new location in Kolonia Lesznowola, Postępu in the outskirts of Warsaw, near the expressway S7 node (under construction). In the new workplace we have modern office and high-storage warehouse with a total capacity of more than 10.000 m3

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